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Jennifer Muller and Greg Verne are professionals in verbal and non-verbal communication, emotional intelligence and personal accompaniment in a modified state of consciousness.
Imanol Sallaberry is osteopath, a professional in the biomechanics, neurovascular and musculoskeletal care system.
Johnatan Quevenne is sports trainer.
Tissue or psychic pain - and associated pathologies - indicate a weakening somewhere. It is a stuck energy that the different disciplines of care, mental and musculoskeletal, will dislodge and help to reverse.

Emotions are expressed in the nervous system and tissues, through feelings, tensions in the body. The principle is to release, evacuate, and allow a smooth circulation of the nervous traffic, encouraging the letting go.


Formés à l'Hypnose Ericksonienne et PNL
Adhérents au Syndicat National des Hypnothérapeutes
Référencés par Omyzen, dédié aux thérapies alternatives
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BPJEPS mention C et D
À propos d'Imanol Sallaberry

Neurology and psychology explain the mechanisms of physical and mental function:


How the environment influences the inner and outer movements of the body, from the first to the last of its cells. How self-awareness leads to a liberation from these influences.


In the natural state of hypnosis, the inner dialogue is strongly focused toward goal and makes easier to succeed effectively.


The different logics of the brain and the body are observed and used together to achieve this « custom made » goal.

Balance, équilibre, santé, consulting Paris

Psycho-physical treatment combining mental programming and musculoskeletal manipulation, nutritional monitoring, soft gym session, sports coaching...

Our experts assist you in your efforts towards the achievement of your goals.

For further information about treatments and classes, specify your expectations via the contact form, we will send back to you a personalized return.

Treatment given in office or at home, Paris and variable location.

D-Care of yourself !

Personal Life Coach

Imanol Sallaberry


Jennifer Muller

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Greg Verne

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